A Guide to Successful Partnerships

Daulby Read has created thriving working partnerships with several local commercial businesses. Successful affinities can provide years of consistent referral income, increased market share and profit on a mutual basis and, in most cases, without direct cost. Affinities are an excellent economic and commercial accelerator, regardless of operating sector, size or location.

Helping us create regional and national partnerships across multiple sectors, this framework has been designed to ensure Daulby Read affinities work hard for all parties, from the outset.

Daulby Read Partnership Framework


  • Explore potential opportunities to introduce professional, value-added services


  • Discuss commercial objectives
  • Understand practise areas and service definitions
  • Understand customer/client profiles


  • Discuss operational limitations
  • Understand operational preferences


  • Service introductions and preferences
  • Data sharing opportunities
  • Third party introductions/opportunities and extended networks

Value & remuneration

  • Discuss financial values in relative terms
  • Explore potential revenue streams through service additions


  • Discuss appropriate ‘base camp’ measurement KPIs
  • Establish framework for joint M.I. reports


  • Discuss preferable contact methodology
  • Confirm key contact information
  • Discuss contact frequency


  • Discuss staged roll out process
  • Forecast potential operational cul-de-sacs


  • Reach agreement on term & scale
  • Discuss legalities, where applicable
  • Agree commencement date range


  • Define respective testing methods
  • Establish test scale

Our Process

Providing independent guidance and reliable protection, Daulby Read has over 20 years’ experience in commercial businesses services.  We take a consultative approach, initiating a face-to-face or telephone consultation with prospective clients before expertly sourcing relevant, wide-ranging protection from a credited insurance provider and creating a review plan, resulting in a highly personal, effective service.

When it comes to affinities there are several options, including shared services, direct introductions or white-labelling. We believe in working together to develop and implement a mutually successful relationship.