Cyber Risk

Revolutionary cyber risk management 

Is your business safe from cybercrime? The statistics suggest not. As businesses are increasingly moving activity online, so are cybercriminals, and everyone’s a target.


Through our innovative, one-of-a-kind cyber risk service, we can equip businesses with the information they need to properly secure their digital space, as well as cover for any gaps in security with Cyber Insurance.

Our competitively-priced market-leading cyber risk assessments, companies can rest assured they’ve taken comprehensive, measured action to protect themselves against cybercrime.

A forward-thinking solution for protecting customer data

SMEs are now more accountable than ever for their part to play in protecting their business and more importantly, their customers, against cyberattacks. If data is misused or leaked due to negligence, this business or senior decision-maker is likely to be held accountable and may be hit with regulatory penalties and liability claims.

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessments

Taking into account every aspect of your business, we can arrange in-depth Cyber Risk Assessments which include over 80 assessment criteria. These market-exclusive assessments cover more ground than other risk assessment services while remaining competitively priced.

With our revolutionary Risk Management’s tool, Aura, SMEs can gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks to their company, how to mitigate these and the benefits that Cyber Insurance will bring them.

Benefits include:

  • A personal visit to your workplace
  • A comprehensive cyber assessment
  • Clear, concise reports
  • Prioritised action points
  • Advice on Cyber Insurance

If you’re a broker interested in providing exclusive Cyber Risk Assessments as part of your service, or a business wanting to book your assessment, get in touch with the team at Daulby Read.

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