Clues on Social Media That Make You a Target for Theft.

Criminologists from the University of Salford have reported that ‘Insta-braggers’ individuals that post boastful photographs on the social media platform, Instagram  leave an average of five clues for resourceful criminals. These clues are often unintentionally included in  the photographs, descriptions and hashtags.

From these clues, criminals can piece together where a person lives and identify the potential best route to break in. That is why it is important to remember that none of your social media posts are ever truly private . To reduce the risk of being targeted, follow these tips.

1. Avoid posting images that provide details about upcoming holidays- such as where you are going and how long you will be gone- as well as car registration plates.

2.  Avoid posting images of your home address and street name.

3 . Avoid posting images of items that have personal information, such as the front of an envelope.

4. Avoid posting images of high-end items, such as cars, mobile phones, laptops and designer clothes.

5. Turn off geolocation settings on your smartphone and all apps.



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