Cover up for the Summer

Protection is important as the temperature goes up, but we’re not here to talk about sun cream , long sleeved shirts and staying out the sun between peak times of the afternoon.

At Daulby Read we’re here to tell you about all the ways that your insurance protection can keep you well covered over the summer months, so you’re prepared to simply enjoy whatever the season throws at you.

Events- A typical UK summer is awash with events from village fetes to charity fundraisers, not to mention that it is, of course, prime wedding season.

The sensible organisers amongst us will make preparations for our unpredictable weather, but there are other issues that can be more difficult, even impossible for you to foresee.

The best way around the risks is to look at the worst case scenario: your wedding band has had to pull out at the last minute, a bbq guest has contracted food poisoning from an undercooked burger, or a flash flood has decimated your village fair plans.

We’ve seen a lot at Daulby Read and so don’t hold back in recommending the protection we think you will need.

Liability Insurance, including public , product and employers , event cancellation cover, and indemnity to venue owners  and operators can all be included in your one-off event cover, so you can at least recoup your losses if your well made plans go out the window.

Holiday- If you’re ducking out of the fun and festivities of a busy summer calendar with a week in the sun abroad , then travel insurance is going to give you protection during your time away.

All is not lost-even if it literally is with lost baggage cover, and medical expenses can be recouped  if that “holiday feeling” is replaced by “stomach bug ” feeling.

The rain- We can’t stop it from raining, but we can help if the rain has come so thick and fast and has flooded your home, business or event with flood risk cover available on request in the majority of home, commercial and event insurance packages.

The Sun- The one thing we have no control over whatsoever. Sorry about that!

If you want help in ensuring your Summer ideas run smoothly, speak to Daulby Read about the range of insurance covers we can provide. Call 01244 311033 or email