Don’t let Cyber Scrooges Steal your data this Christmas

During the Christmas season many small businesses can be more vulnerable  to cyber crime.  Less staff in the office and more working from home and on the go many may grab the opportunity to do some online shopping on their lunch breaks. Due to this change in routine ,it can make it easier for someone to make a mistake.

If you are a small business, it only takes a member of staff to click on a phishing email to leave you vulnerable to cyber crime. Ensure staff are aware of the potential threats to your business ,provide  training in the importance of creating strong passwords and varying these across different platforms to spotting phishing scams and potential threats to keep your business safe from cyber crime.

Maintain a clean desk policy

The ICO published a report which found that 40% of data security incidents were a result of businesses inadvertently exposing paperwork to third parties. Businesses can avoid this by imposing a clean desk policy making sure that all work spaces are clutter-free  and that confidential paperwork is securely stored away.

During the periods that your office is empty,make sure that all confidential paperwork is securely locked away.

Be wary of public Wi-Fi

When you log in to public Wi-Fi, it is easy for prying eyes to see every site you access. Many hackers can infiltrate public Wi-Fi networks leaving you exposed to hackers  posing as a trusted party and obtaining

personal information from you. If you really need to carry out work which includes confidential information,it’s much safer to disconnect and use your phones data.

Check your physical security measures.

Data protection breaches don’t  just happen online. Consider CCTV , lighting , security alert technology and heavy-duty locks to secure your physical premises and act as a deterrent to thieves and vandals alike.

Back up your Data

while some cyber criminals are out to steal your data, others attempt to encrypt it to block your access to it , making it impossible to carry out the day to day running of your business . Make sure you back up data to the cloud to avoid getting caught out by ransomware.

Cyber Security Software

Cyber security software enables you to continuously monitor your system network for viruses and malware. This can help your business to stop cyber criminals and catch signs of illegal activity quickly before any major damage is done.


Cyber Insurance

Even with all the stringent security measures in place, there is still always a chance that cyber criminals could find a way to access your system network that is why you need a plan in place to to protect you if this happens. Cyber Insurance can protect your business against the aftermath of cyber crime, including system damage , data breach fines, liability issues and damage to your businesses  reputation.

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