Employment Tribunal Claims continue to Rise

While your organisation should always be focused on ensuring that your employees are healthy, safe and successful  in the workplace,recent statistics regarding the rise in employment tribunal claims emphasise the increase importance of implementing safeguards to avoid costly employers liability issues.

Between 2013 and 2017,employees used to be required by law to pay a fee before bringing a claim to the employment tribunal.

However,this requirement was recently scrapped in July 2017. And workers have definitely responded to this payment change-in the first quarter following the dismissal of tribunal fees,the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) found that claims jumped by 64 per cent. Whats more,this past year has experienced an even larger spike in claims. Between the months of April and June alone,claims increased by a staggering 165 per cent when compared to the same period in the year prior.

At a glance ,the price tag of these claims can be significant. MoJ statistics found that disability discrimination claims typically received the greatest awards when compared to other discrimination claims,with the greatest award this past year being £242,000 and the average claim cost totalling £30,700.

In addition,unfair dismissal claims come with a high cost-the maximum award last year was £415,227,with the average claim cost sitting at £15,007.

Such a significant increase i claims highlights the fact that without the concern of having to pay a tribunal fee, employees across the country are clearly more willing to voice their grievances with employers-and make them pay the price.

Don’t give your workers a reason to make a costly tribunal claim against you. Consider these tips to avoid employers liability concerns and promote a safe,healthy workplace:

  • Create and enforce well-being policies and programmes.
  • Conduct routine risk assessments and implement controls to mitigate hazards.
  • Ensure compliance with all workplace regulations.
  • Secure proper employers liability cover. For more information,contact Daulby Read Insurance Brokers today.