Follow these Recommendations to Keep your pipes from Freezing.


The average claim for burst pipe damage is £7,500 , according to the Association of British Insurers. To ensure that your pipes stay warm all winter, follow these nine recommendations:

  1. Set your thermostat to at least 12c and keep the heat on at regular intervals.
  2. Insulate exposed pipes, regardless of whether they are indoors or outside. Pay special attention to water tanks and pipes in unheated areas such as loft spaces and garages.
  3. Open the loft trapdoor on cold days to let the heat circulate better.
  4. wrap vulnerable  pipes in electric heat tape for extra insulation.
  5. Ensure that there are no cracks or gaps around the pipes that enter your home and fill any that you find.
  6. Disconnect and drain all hosepipes, sprinkler systems and water features that are connected to external water outlets.
  7. Find your main stopcock and ensure that it is working properly and that you can turn it on and off.
  8. Inspect the seals around doors and windows to minimise draughts from the outside.
  9. Have your boiler serviced by a certified boiler engineer.

If you find your pipes have frozen, turn your water off at the main stopcock straight away.Then, check to see if any pipes have burst. If not, either wait for them to warm up or thaw them with hot water bottles, a hairdryer on the lowest setting or a towel soaked in hot water starting at the end nearest the tap.

However, if you find a burst pipe , turn your water off at the main stopcock and open all the taps to drain the system. Switch off central heating and any other water heating installations.


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