Marketing Under the GDPR


Marketing under the GDPR can be simple as long as you adopt the following guidelines:

  • Content incentivises consent. Send prospect a consent request that includes a piece of useful, free content. It could be a brief about important legislation, a risk that impacts their sector, or health and safety guidance. Just be sure you are able to contact them according to PECR rules. This strategy incentives consent by providing content. While the rest of your competitors will be sending bland consent requests that offer nothing to the recipient, your requests will stand out for the valuable content you include.
  • Do double opt-ins. Although not necessary, double opt-ins, which ask the user to confirm in an email their consent preferences,  help you keep track of consent and automatically builds in a mechanism to allow recipients to consent to specific types of processing.
  • Social media extends your reach. Boost your social media presence, as connecting with prospects on social media and sharing relevant content with them does not violate the GDPR and can significantly expand the reach of your advertising message for a fraction of the price of traditional methods.

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