Careful Someone may be Riding off on your Bicycle


Cycling is a popular activity for many, with the average person cycling 53 miles in a given year, according to the latest figures from the National Travel Survey. However, bicycles are also popular items for thieves. Who stole about 285.000 in England and Wales last year, according to government data. To ensure your bicycle stays safe, follow these four tips:

  1. Buy a reliable bike lock. Stay away from cable locks, as these can be easily snipped. Instead, use a U-lock that is large enough to secure both your front tyre and frame.
  2. Never park your bicycle in an isolated or overcrowded area.
  3. Register your bicycle. Just like a car, your bicycle has a unique serial number. Registering your bicycle can help identify if its lost or stolen.
  4. Purchase insurance. Despite your best efforts, your bicycle can still be stolen, and if that were to happen, you should have the appropriate cover contact Daulby Read Insurance Brokers to discuss how you can protect your bicycle.


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