Rising HSE Fines

Highlight the Importance of Compliance

In early January, the HSE announced that it would  continue its programme of proactive surprise inspections at food manufacturing firms. These inspections are the organisation’s latest effort to motivate firms to reduce the causes of ill health and injury.

Making health and safety a priority is an essential goal for all manufacturing firms, as HSE fines are higher than ever before. In fact, even though there were 51 fewer HSE violations that resulted in a conviction for manufacturers in 2016-17, the total fine amount for the sector more than doubled from £12 million in 2015-16 to £25 million last year. This averages out to £157,821 per conviction, and represents one third of all HSE fines for the year (69 million).

To avoid harsher health and safety fines, adopt the following guidance:

  1. Conduct a risk assessment for each piece of plant equipment as well as each required task.
  2. Keep detailed documentation of your efforts to address health and safety hazards to show an HSE inspector.
  3. Provide your employees with health and safety training each time they are assigned  a new task, after an accident or annually.

However, if one of your employees is injured, remember you have access to Fit for Work, Which helps employees stay in or return to work by providing free, expert, and impartial general health and work advice. For additional guidance on how to make health and safety a priority, contact Daulby Read Insurance Brokers today.



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