These 5 Things Could Invalidate Your Insurance

A car accident is to say the least an inconvenience. But that’s what car insurance is for. Unfortunately, you may be guilty of one of these five actions that can invalidate your insurance

  1. Participating in lift sharing. Even if you don’t charge your lift share passengers for the ride, your policy could be invalidated if it does not explicitly say you are covered as a lift share driver.
  2. Letting someone else drive your car. Everyone doesn’t have the same car insurance policy. Your friends or family may have policies that cover them when driving other peoples cars, but the policies may not cover damage to your vehicle if they’re in an accident. In addition, your policy may only cover damage that occurs when a named driver is operating the vehicle.
  3. Driving with your pet. The Highway code states that if you drive with your pet, they need to be suitably restrained so they cannot distract you. Failing to do so is not only illegal, it could potentially invalidate your policy.
  4. Listing a different name as the main driver. This is insurance fraud, also known as fronting. If you list someone with a better history as the named driver and  you as the occasional driver to get a cheaper premium, your policy may not only be invalidated but you could receive up to ¬£5000 fine and six points on your license.
  5. Wearing inappropriate footwear. The wrong footwear cannot only prove to be a distraction but a hazard while you’re driving. Getting into an accident because you were wearing inappropriate footwear could invalidate your policy.